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3.5 mm TRRS to 2 x 3.5 mm TRS F/M Headphone Mic Audio Cable


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  • Durable Design: Premium gold plated joint, durable copper shell; High quality shielded cable with PVC coated copper core
  • Composition: Composited of one 3.5mm TRRS female jack and two 3.5mm TRS male plugs
  • Plug and Play: Connect 3.5mm female jack to headphone and two male 3.5mm plugs are connected to the PC or laptop microphone and headphone jacks
  • Excellent Sound: Dual shielding, corrosion proof gold plated connecters making the sound signal transmits with minimal signal loss
  • Warranty: J&D 1-Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good quality at at a good price

I bought it because I needed a headphone splitter (TRRS to TRS). My headphone amplifier has the specification not to use TRRS headphones plug directly (only TRS headphones allowed). With this cable, I plug my 3.5 mm TRRS headphones in the 3.5 mm female part of the cable. I plug a 6.35 mm female headphone adapter in the 3.5 mm headphone male plug on the cable. It provides me a safe way to bypass the TRRS as specified by my headphone amplifier's manufacturer.

Works with double feed to headphones.

Used this to add a GPS to my cardo headset in my helmet. Perfect.......

Irving Washington
J&D 3.5 mm to 2X 3.5 mm Cable

I wasn't sure whether or not I could get eight Sony SRS XB12 speakers to work simultaneously with a Hidizs AP80 PRO Digital Music Player.But with two of these things -- and a few other cords -- it worked:(1) one 3.5 mm male -- to -- two 3.5 mm female cable to attach to standard headphone input(2) two 10 foot 3.5 mm male -- to -- 3.5 mm female cables to attach to each (L/R) 3.5 mm female end of (1)(3) two 3.5 mm female -- to -- two 3.5 mm male cables to attach to each (L/R) 3.5 mm male end of (2)(4) four Trond BT DUO transmitter/receivers set to TX, to transmit to:(5) four pairs of Sony SRS XB12 speakers.Okay, it's only 80W, but you have to admit they're pretty good little speakers. Eight of them together produce a fairly spacious sound, particularly with something as high quality as the Hidizs.(I have myself impressed, anyway) ..

Peter A. McCormick
Works as advertised

Exactly what I wanted. Worked perfect for what I needed for.

Amazon Customer
Surprisingly perfect!

I have a unique situation where I want to watch shows on my computer and also play games on my consoles at the same time and it was a real pain to find a cord of this type that joined two audio sources with two male aux connectors into one female out connector. This one works flawlessly! I was quite surprised by excellent the quality of the cable both physically and digitally. Sturdily manufactured ports, no static, no humming or anything whatsoever, couldn't even tell I was using it anymore it just works so well. Thoroughly impressed!