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M.2 Aluminum Alloy Heatsink with Silicone Thermal Pad and Copper Pipes


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  • Professionally designed for desktops to effectively reduce SSD temperature, helping avoid overheating and throttling to improve its performance; compatible with SAMSUNG 850 EVO, 860 EVO, 960 EVO, and 970 EVO, Western Digital RED SA500, BLUE SN550, BLACK SN750 and other M.2 2280 SSD 0.86 x 3.15 inches
  • Copper pipes at bottom absorb heat from the SSD and then spread to the aluminum surface of heatsink, greatly increasing cooling and heat dissipation area
  • Dimension: 2.87 x 0.96 x 0.68 inch; provide excellent, reliable, and efficient performance in cooling with a sleek, functional look that ensures sufficient air flow
  • Comes with silicone thermal pad and screws, easy to install and operate; please note: SSD not included
  • J&D warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mr Pickles
Good quality heatsinks for the price

These work great with the NVME drives I have installed in my workstation.The build quality is excellent compared to the price - the finish and materials appear to be anodized aluminum, which is as good as expected in a radiator. The heatsink I received has heatsink interface pads (located between the chip on the NVME device and the heatsink itself).I recommend this particular M2 heatsink.

Deborah Evanoski
Love it

It works great just what I needed.

Andy H.
Impossibly Cooler

After adding this heatsink to my SSD, I got significantly lower temperatures. Under a high load, my SSD would reach temps of 60+ degrees Celcius and idle around 25. It now idles around 15 degrees and maxes at 28 degrees. It works well������


It's fairly easy to set up. I haven't compared the temperature before and after but currently it's wthiin the 30's on average. Despite this I'm glad to see the SSD have healthy temps in regular use cases.

Matthew Simmons
Keeps m.2 ssd nice and cool

Works and looks great