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J&D Tech

15 Pack Seed Starter Pot Trays

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  • Morrowind biodegradable plant pots offer a more efficient and sustainable transplanting operation compared to traditional plastic materials
  • This seed starter kit Includes 15 packs of 12-cell trays (180 cells in total), 12 plant labels and 2 garden tools, also perfect for new gardeners
  • Simply sow seeds directly into potting mix inside the pot and let them grow; at planting time, transplant the whole pot right into your garden, there is no need to disrupt roots, minimizing transplant shock
  • 100% eco-friendly, pots are mainly made from biodegradable, breathable paper; once in the soil, the organic material breaks down and roots easily grow thought pots
  • Can be used indoor/outdoor, great for starting flower, cucumber, tomato, herbs, vegetables, and more