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2RCA Male to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable


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  • Perfect Connector: Connecting 2RCA male to 2RCA male; Ideal for home entertainment and HiFi system such as stereo receiver, speaker, amplifier and other RCA enabled devices
  • Excellent Sound: Dual shielding, corrosion resistant gold plated connecters making the sound signal transmit with minimal signal loss
  • Easy Connection: With dual Male cable connectors, it is easy to use the RCA audio cable with any standard stereo left/right output, providing high quality sound and HIFI audio for your home stereo or theater system
  • Composition: 2 Male RCA connectors on both ends (white for left audio and red for right audio)
  • Warranty: J&D 1-Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Varga Geza

I bought it to connect a MiniDSP. I would say good at first.

Seem to be quality

As an audio hobbyist at best, these meet my needs fine. The aluminum connectors are a luxurious touch.

Excelente producto

El producto es de buena calidad, cumplio con las expectativas

Charles W.
Decent Quality Stereo RCA Cables at a Good Price

These seem to be pretty well made for home consumer audio cables. They are not the thickest nor the thinnest RCA cables I have used. They are reasonably flexible and the connectors fit nicely onto a standard RCA connector. The 3 foot and the 6 foot lengths work well in my A/V cabinet. The cables seem to make reliable connection.To be honest, and by the way I am a retired electronic engineer - Unless you have a very unusual situation like being under a radio or TV transmitter tower you are simply not going to hear any difference between most audio cables. You need something that��s reasonably flexible, reasonably shielded, and makes a good connection. The latter, making a good connection is the most important factor for short cables. If you were running a cable much, much longer then you would care more about the cable shielding effectiveness and capacitance per foot.I am pleased with the balance of quality for the price of these cables.


great cables for the money