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15 Pin SATA Power Extension Cable, Male to Female Cable, 10 inch


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  • Durable Design: Designed with PVC flexible jacket, 18 AWG oxygen free copper and bare copper braided shielding prolongs the life span of this cable
  • Our 15 Pin SATA Power extension cable is used to lengthen the connection between host power connector and the 15 Pin SATA hard drives
  • 18 AWG oxygen free copper cable ensures safe connection between power supply and SATA devices
  • Lock connector design is adopted to prevent accidental disconnections
  • Widely applied to all SSD, hard drives, optical drives and PCIe Express with 15 Pin SATA connector

Customer Reviews

Based on 345 reviews
Z Noble
Cable management

I was able to get rid of an entire PSU sata power cable using a 3 pack

john reed
Works great

Works great

Jonathan Serif

Die Kabel f��hlen sich ordentlich an und tun, was sie sollen. Die abgewinkelten SATA-Stecker verl?ngern um an eng montierte Ger?te zu kommen

Jan Teuber
Tut was es soll...

Funktioniert und macht das was es soll. Mehr ist dazu nicht zu sagen...

P. T. Jenkins
Super tough!! I'm keeping it!!

When you need it, you better trust what you're going to use. Seems simple but I've been burnt several times when I trust some one else to give my machine instructions for a task and then end up really paying for it.