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15 Pin SATA Power Extension Cable, Male to Female Cable, 10 inch


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  • Durable Design: Designed with PVC flexible jacket, 18 AWG oxygen free copper and bare copper braided shielding prolongs the life span of this cable
  • Our 15 Pin SATA Power extension cable is used to lengthen the connection between host power connector and the 15 Pin SATA hard drives
  • 18 AWG oxygen free copper cable ensures safe connection between power supply and SATA devices
  • Lock connector design is adopted to prevent accidental disconnections
  • Widely applied to all SSD, hard drives, optical drives and PCIe Express with 15 Pin SATA connector

Customer Reviews

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Gerardo Oviedo
Great specially for the price

I have a cool master NR600 case and the slots for SSD drives are located next to each other instead of stacked. I used these cables to be able to get power to every SSD drive I had. It didn’t come with instructions so I just winged it and it worked perfectly! I highly recommend this product if you need extra length cable to get power to your SSD drive

Ioannis Kokovidis
Even if....

Normally there are many of them inside the PSU box...For some reasons (for cable management maybe?)you may need them...So .. Ok..They are ok...

Z Noble
Cable management

I was able to get rid of an entire PSU sata power cable using a 3 pack

Tecnologia al 100

Buscas una solución rápida para conectar tu computadora a dispositivos de almacenamiento este cables de extensión J&D SATA de 15 pines son la mejor opción! Estos cables ofrecen una conexión fiable y confiable, permitiendo que los datos se transfieran sin problemas. Pruébalo hoy mismo y experimenta lo último en tecnología. #JandDCables #SATA15pins


Good quality product, used them to daisy chain a magnetic coolermaster fan controller to the exterior of my case