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Brass Garden Quick Connect Hose Adapter Connector


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  • Make it super simple to change hose attachments with our J&D brass quick connect set; once the system installed it’s easy to connect or remove by one hand in seconds
  • Durable, solid brass construction features excellent ability to withstand high pressure up to 200 PSI; corrosion resistant
  • Work with any standard 3/4 inch hose, faucet, nozzle, sprinkler, or sprayer
  • Include 2 female and 2 male connectors, 4 washers and 2 seal tapes for a secure, leak-free connection
  • Warranty: J&D 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David Spanish
Great Quality Hose Quick Connects

These are good quality hose quick disconnects. I purchased a set of 2. Each set has 2 female connectors and 2 male connectors, 4 washers and 2 sealing tapes. These appear to be designed for long term use. The material used appears to be a brass alloy, so they should hold up well in the outside environment. Each set fits snugly together and appears to be made to very good tolerances. None of them are loose.

Kathy Stratton
Outstanding Value pack

All of this for $8.99. Wow! The fact that you get 6 complete connectors along with the requisite gaskets, plus extra gaskets when you inevitably lose one. Nice package indeed. I have many different garden attachments for my hoses, and I hate removing them as I normally use a pair of pliers to tighten them so that I don't have any leaks.

Awesome product!

These blew me away! Most of the time the products from these chinese sellers with some name i have never heard of are garbage. But who ever FRQNTKPA is did a great job. These things are sturdy and solid brass. I couldn't believe they even included an assortment of o rings and gaskets to replace any that break in the future. Overall, a great product and something to help my 80 year old grandmother remove her garden hose attachments as they get screwed on so tight she cant remove them. I ordered 1 box and will be purchasing another in the future!

Christie Williams
Top Notch Quick Hose Connectors

I purchased these because I was having to regularly move some of my hoses. These are AWESOME. All brass, not that plastic stuff. Connect easily and securely with no leaks. They even come with extra o-rings for the connectors should you ever need them. Included are plenty of hose washers as well. Two Thumbs UP

Great high quality connectors

These solid brass quick connectors work just like they're supposed to. Easy to install, easy to connect and disconnect fittings. Nice that extra washers and O-rings are included. One note: Be advised that one brand of quick-connect fittings may or may not work with other brands. For some strange reason manufacturers can't seem to agree on a common design. Over the years I've purchased a number of different brands and they are not interchangeable. If you need more than 6 sets, don't count on any others you may have to be compatible, order how many every sets you need. Great quality, no leaks, highly recommended.