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Type 1 J1772 Charging Adapter

For Tesla Wall/Destination/Mobile Chargers

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Type 1 J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter

Only Compatible with Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S

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Type 2 EV Charging Cable for Electric Vehicle (7KW/11KW/22KW)

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  • Stacy Newton
    Amazon Customer
    This comes with a travel bag. It has a standard 3 pin UK plug at one end and a type 2 EV plug at the other.

    This has a fairly long 5m cable and can charge at nearly 13A. The original cables we got with our eNiro and Mini will only charge at a maximum of 10A. This might not sound much but when we travel to see family and need to plug in the extra 30% makes a massive difference.

    Very good, better that the ones we got with the cars.
  • You live only once
    Amazon Customer
    I had this tested by one of my friends who owns a renault zoe and it looks like this is chrging well and fits the charge port.
  • gogo cat
    Amazon Customer
    this is an ev charging cable, it’s a 5 meters type 2 cable, 3 phase 16a (3.6kw) supported, maximum throughput is around 11kw technically

    i keep this cable in car for non-tethered charging points, a 5 meters cable will fit most scenarios, and have the best performance in terms of weight and size

    work perfectly so far, i’m happy with this product, would recommend
  • 📦 Beurteilung ✔
    Das Kabel ist wirklich sehr hochwertig und gut verarbeitet. Es ist sehr schwer und die Stecker und das Kabel absolut robust. In meinem Fall betreibe ich es an unserem Dacia Spring und das macht absolut keine Probleme.
    Wir sind zufrieden.

    Ich kann es sehr empfehlen und hoffe ich konnte euch mit meiner Erfahrung helfen.
    Ich hoffe das war hilfreich🧐