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3.5 mm to 2 RCA F/M Stereo Audio Aux Cable


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  • Perfect Extender: Extending 3.5mm female connector to Stereo Receiver, speaker, amplifier and other RUS-enabled devices
  • Excellent Sound: Dual shielding, corrosion resistant gold plated connecters making the sound signal transmits with minimal signal loss
  • Bi Directional: 2 RCA or 3.5mm could all be the audio input; in another words, it both work from 2RCA to 3.5 mm and from 3.5 mm to 2 RCA
  • Composition: 3.5mm Female connector on one end and 2 Male RCA connectors on the other end
  • Warranty: J&D 1-Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

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My Pen Name Is Josey
The way products should be made..!!!

I was modest and only ordered the 25' foot adapter cable... Perfect fit for the job at hand... No lag or signal loss... No bleed over from my other cables or equipment... Excellent...!!! Will be back to order longer lengths for the other studio rooms...

Fast shipping and good quality

Sounds quality very good and wire quality is very good too, i do recommend it

Worked fine

No issues. Connections worked fine

Patty Clark

Perfect for my need and easy to connect.

Second Attempt to "git dis posted .... "

Unlike the many UTTERLY INANE reviews that tell you nothing about the product being discussed, I have something to say and hopefully will provide the prospective consumer with useful info which will allow said party to make an informed purchase. Happily, I��m about to heep praise on not one, but three electronics gadgets (all purchased on Amazon). As I tend to ��rabbit on��, you might wanta get a coffee and bagel before continuing. ��.OK, Welcome Back! ... I desired to connect my (Sennheiser HD 202 3.5mm) headphones to my Vizio HDTV and turn off the TV speakers. The TV has a set of female stereo RCA audio output ports (nipples), so the first gadget needed is a ��Y cable��. After looking at the feedback for appropriate Y cables, I chose J&D RCA to Aux Adapeter RCA to 3.5mm Female Cable, RCA Cable Gold Plated Copper Shell Heavy Duty 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA Male Stereo Audio Adapter Cable, 3 Feet (Approx $9 including the dreaded Nu Joyzee sales tax).Next, a 3.5mm audio extension cord is required to connect the Y cable to my headphones. Again, reviewing the feedback, I decided to make a chance purchase of a Bstxnwen (Brand) Audio Aux Extension Cable 30ft Nylon Braided Stereo 3.5mm Male to Female Audio Extension Cable ($15). GREAT, I thought, I��ve got everything I need and after some procrastination (for fear that one or both products would fail), I made the connections and low and behold �� AUDIO BLISS!!! Both products worked just fine; i.e., CLEAR STEREO SOUND! And, btw, there��s no static or distortion from leaving the excess audio cable coiled �� FANTASTIC!!!However, there is still one problem. The TV audio output ports are NOT volume adjustable. They pump out an adequate volume level, but I want to be able to adjust the audio. Vizio suggested getting a set of headphones with volume adjustment (which I politely, mentally dismissed). Instead, I purchased an ��. OH MY GOD!!! ��. Blucoil (Brand) 4-Channel Portable Headphone Amplifier with 1/4" and 3.5mm TRS Ports for Reference Monitoring, Studio Mixing, and Personal Listening - Includes 12V Power Adapter ($32). This MONSTER is wundabar!!! It CRYSTAL CLEARLY enhances the audio with up to an additional 19 dbs (SO MUCH MORE than the average listener would ever need or be able to tolerate)There��s one lesson to learn from this project and that��s to pay attention to the ��male and female�� ends and inputs/outputs of these gadgets. I failed to recognize that I needed a 3.5mm male to male cord to connect the Bstxnwen extension cord to the Blucoil Headphone Amplifier Iinput. Fortunately I had such a cord on hand and now it is working for me. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!This review was written on March 7, 2022.I chose the title and withhed one star because feedback for these ��products�� (not necessarily these particular gadgets, but also competitor items) state, time and again that the item failed after a month or two months, or ��. You get the idea. So, assuming Amazon allows me to post follow-up feedback, I ��ll do so if any of the three products fails. Or, hopefully, in early June 2022 (three months from now), I��ll post additional info stating that��s all��s well in ��AUDIO HEAVEN�� I hope this review is infromative and helps you to make an informed decision. MOI