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6.35 mm TRS Male to Dual 6.35 mm TS Male Stereo Instrument Cable


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  • Easy Connection: Connecting audio output devices with a 6.35mm jack output to a device with 2 x 6.35mm jack inputs such as speakers, mixing desk and so on
  • Excellent Sound: Dual shielding, corrosion resistant gold plated connecters making the sound signal transmits with minimal signal loss
  • Composition: 6.35mm 1/4 inch Male to 2X 6.35mm 1/4 inch Male
  • Durable: Zinc alloy and dual layer nylon braid protect the cable from harsh installation where the cable is tugged across sharp edges
  • Warranty: J&D 1-Year Limited Warranty


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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Kit D.
I was using it 23 hours after hitting the buy now button

Exceeded my expectations of quality at the price point.

Sound Good but Send and Receive NOT Consistent Across Multiple Sets of Cables

If using as insert cables on a mixer, double check which one is receive and which is send. They are not consistent if you buy multiple pairs of cables. On one set I have the Red is Send and the White is Receive and on the second set exact same set I have the Red is Receive and White is Send! It destroyed my ears and gave me a headache when I turned up my second pre-amp's gain wondering why I was getting no sound. The wires were crossed and it put out an ear splitting frequency. Once you figure it out, they sound great though.

Sound Good but Send and Receive NOT Consistent Across Multiple Sets of Cables

Overall sound is good but if you are using more than one set for more complex set ups they are inconsistent as send and receive cables. I bought two sets of these to use as insert cables in my mixer for PreAmps. One set had the Red for Receive and White for Send. So, I started using the second set and had it set up the same way. I was getting no sound. I just bought this second PreAmp so I thought maybe the PreAmp was not working properly. I turned it the Gain up and the loudest highest pitch ear splitting tone hit my ears because the Receive and Send was backwards. On the second set of cables I bought, the White was Receive and the Red was Send instead. What the heck? Make sure to test these things out on low volume if using in a mixer as inserts. Especially multiple sets. Going to have to label them myself to avoid getting a headache again.

Greet quality and price

If I ever need more this is the one I will order.

Darren S.
Not bad

I would buy again