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3.5mm TRS Female to Dual 3.5 mm TRS Male Y-Splitter Stereo Audio Adapter Cable


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  • Durable Design: premium gold plated joint, durable copper shell; coated with anti-scratch PVC jacket, safe copper core
  • Composition: composited of one 3.5mm female stereo headphone jack and two 3.5mm male headphone plugs
  • Plug and Play: connect 3.5mm female jack to headphone or speaker and two male 3.5mm plugs are connected to two separate audio play devices
  • Excellent Sound: dual shielding, corrosion proof gold plated connecters making the sound signal transmits with minimal signal loss
  • Warranty: J&D 1-Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent quality

I have used this cable to connect two desktop PCs to a single speaker set. Most cables I've found of this type would be to combine a "microphone in" and "audio/line out" into a single female 3.5mm connection, which wouldn't work for sharing a single speaker with two devices. However, this one is for 2x stereo audio out connections to a single one.The quality of the cable excellent. The cable is fairly thick, more along the lines of those included with premium headphones. The connectors are nicely moulded with a bit of weight to them, but thankfully not too large that they interfere with other ports (like mic or audio in on a PC).The connection made with the PCs is good, with a nice snug fit. There's no humming / buzzing noise when either or both PCs are on (or off). The volume from the speaker set has remained the same (opposed to becoming muffled).Overall, I'm very pleased with these.

Can be used to link console and PC audio but with a buzz

Bought this so I could listen to the audio on my PC and Switch at the same time through my headphones, works perfectly aside from one small issue. There is a low audible buzzing noise, which you could probably tune out after 10-15 minutes of gaming. The buzzing only happens if you have both devices on, so its not going to be a 24/7 issue. The only other downside is that my headphones feel slightly heavier, but I'll get use to it. Other than that the audio quality is as good as if I were to just plug my headphones into the either device. No more having to decide between Discord, or being able to hear my game audio. I'd recommend this cable to anyone wanting to do something similar.

Jose (techfreq)
It just works!

As simple as that it just works as intended, I had needed a capable so i could split a signal from my headphone port from my keyboard and my logitech bt adapter through auxillary and this was able to help me complete the process and get my audio gear all hooked up together and now i can listen to any kind of music through blue tooth or my keyboard or both thanks to this cable

Francisco Camacho
It helps with different audio tracks

I'm just getting into content creating so I'm sure I'm doing things wrong. But that doesn't change how helpful this splitter is. I'm able to connect to my capture card and hear game audio while also connecting to my PC giving me a connection for team speak. This is so helpful with new users as its straightforward. I highly recommend this as it helps with crossplay games