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EV Type 1 Charger Holder for J1772 Connectors


EV Type 1 Charger Holder for J1772 Connectors

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  • Product: compatible with all SAE J1772 connectors, this nozzle holster dock is a protective and perfect accessory to ensure your charger safe and secure, and prolong its service life.
  • Easy to install: simply use screws to attach the holder onto the wall, then insert your EV charger into the dock until it clicks into place.
  • Durable: made of durable, premium material, this product works both indoor and outdoor.
  • Use: wrap or hang the cable on the dock to keep your space neat and well organized.
  • Warranty: twelve-month limited warranty available.
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Customer Reviews

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Professional and Functional

As a business professional who uses an EV, this holster dock adds a professional touch to my home charging station. It keeps everything organized and within easy reach. The dock is well-constructed and incredibly functional. A worthy investment for any serious EV owner.

Simplifies Charging

The J1772 Charger Nozzle Holster Dock simplifies the charging process. It ensures the nozzle is within reach and protected from the elements. I appreciate its design and functionality, making my EV ownership experience even more convenient.

Ideal for Travelers

If you're always on the move, this holster dock is a game-changer. It provides a secure spot for the J1772 nozzle during charging sessions, whether at home or on the road. It's practical, durable, and a must-have for travelers.

Michelle Renee Gulley
EV Charger Nozzle Holster Dock

I no longer have to place my charger nozzle on the floor once I'm done with it. The Nozzle Dock is made of hard plastic and has a clip that keeps the nozzle from falling out.

Eco-Friendly Charging Solution

This holster dock aligns perfectly with my sustainable lifestyle. It keeps the J1772 charging nozzle off the ground, preventing wear and tear on the cable. A small but essential addition for any electric vehicle owner committed to eco-friendly practices.