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Save 60% - US EV Type 1 Charger with NEMA 6-20 plug 110-240V 16A SAE J1772 Standard


Save 60% - US EV Type 1 Charger with NEMA 6-20 plug 110-240V 16A SAE J1772 Standard

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  • Super-fast Charging Speed: enables quick charging and supports Level 1 and Level 2 charging; with a NEMA 6-20 plug, this portable electric car charger charges four times faster than a standard 8A Level 1 charger in a Level 2 charging state at 16A 240V; equipped with a NEMA 5-15 plug for conversion use; Note: the actual charging speed depends on the settings of the electric vehicle; when using the NEMA 5-15 plug, it is necessary to adjust the current to 13A to prevent current overload
  • Excellent Safety Protection: This portable electric car charger has undergone strict quality inspections and has FCC and ROHS certification, IP65 waterproof rating, leakage current protection, impact resistance, over current protection, ground protection, surge protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage frequency protection, and over-temperature protection, providing a safe charging guarantee for your electric vehicle
  • Convenient: The total length of the cable is 25FT, which is suitable for various charging environments and is flexible and convenient; also comes with a portable charging bag for easy storage; a NEMA 5-15 plug adapter is provided for home charging, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle in more environments and provide more choices; no worry about mismatched plugs or look for charging stations and charging piles
  • Flexible Charging Control: The charging box comes with an LED display that allows you to control the charging current and switch to the current you want; when using the NEMA 6-20 plug for Level 2 charging, it can be switched between 8/10/13/16Amp, and when using the NEMA 5-15 plug for Level 1 charging, it can be switched between 8/10/13Amp, allowing you to match the most suitable charging rate for your electric vehicle and perform safe and fast charging
  • Wide Compatibility: This portable EV electric car charger is compatible with most electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles that comply with the J1772 standard, and is also compatible with Tesla (through the SAE J17722 charging adapter)
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Customer Reviews

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Clutch charger

I recently purchased this Portable EV Charger, and I can not express how much it has simplified my electric vehicle charging experience. This little gadget has become an absolute game changer for me, especially when I am on the road and need a quick and reliable charge.The compact and lightweight design of this charger makes it incredibly easy to carry around, fitting conveniently in my trunk or even a backpack. The build quality is top notch, giving me confidence in its durability and longevity.One of the standout features is the versatility of this charger. It is compatible with various electric vehicle models, making it a universal solution for different charging needs. The adjustable power settings allow me to customize the charging speed based on my preferences or the available power source, providing flexibility in different situations.

Andrii Sishnenko
charges well

charging works well. I charge my Volkswagen almost every day. There is a function to delay the start of charging. The charging cable is just the right length. I charge my ID4 car in 8 hours

Great Quality EV Charger - Would Buy Again!

We like to slow charge or drip charge, since it is best on the battery to charge in this manner. We often have the time and ability to charge in this way. It is an easy charger to use and works perfectly! Since we have 2 EVs, we may be purchasing a 2nd one soon and will consider making this same purchase.

Bruce Barlin
Ev car charger

Charging an electric car.

Good charger with some flexibility

This charger is pretty decent, especially since it offers versatility. The charger itself is lightweight and easily portable in the trunk or frunk of a car. The charging power can be accessed through either 110 volt or 240 volt outlets, with the included adapters. The power itself is on the mid range side, as it is not quite a fast charging system, but it is not slow either. It will charge your car overnight, wherever you choose to plug in. It is a good charger, and way cheaper than the tesla ones or other branded ones. A must have for anyone with an EV.